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10-August-2013 – London, UK.

“SKYNOVA ELECTRONICS LTD” announced a partnership agreement with Europe-based “BOHEMIA-NORDIC”.

29-May-2012 – London, UK.

“SKYNOVA ELECTRONICS LTD” introduces a new Shop4Rent Hosting Platform – SHOP4RENT.

22-May-2012 – London, UK.

“SKYNOVA ELECTRONICS LTD” introduces a new Web Hosting Platform – WebGalaxyHosting. For more information, please visit our website:

15 December 2011 – London, UK.

“SKYNOVA ELECTRONICS LTD”, an independent provider of communication solutions for modern day business, announced a distribution agreement with UAE-based “SKYSTARS ELECTRONIC”, officially launching distribution of communication products that will be offered as part of “SKYNOVA ELECTRONICS” expanding group of system-to-system (S2S) solutions. “SKYNOVA ELECTRONICS” communication portfolio of S2S services is also set to include VoIP and Video-Conference solutions once these services are launched early next year. Our services are highly complementary and address real customer needs for low cost, easy-to-manage stationary or mobile business communications solutions.

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